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Team Biographies 

Our team is among the most talented in the industry! It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Lisa Mason Wilson

Founder  A resident of Savannah Ga. Lisa has been a Master Stylist that has served this community diligence for many years. She is a part of the diverse team at Jack & Jill Hair Salon. She specializes in Signature Images and quality services.

Lisa's mission is to be a blessing and start a movement. 

Andre Wilson

Co Founder

Owner of Jack & Jill Hair Studios, Andre has been in the hair industry over 20 years. Andre is an experienced True Master Barber that has an eye for creative and precise cuts. He is devoted to helping our youth EXCEL !

Vera Bush is a well trained and seasoned stylist that promotes healthy hair. She is up front and will assist you with finding a style just for YOU

Arpita Patel is very precise. She has mastered her craft as a licensed stylist and masseuse, with her beautiful spirit she offers expectional services.

Jack & Jill Hair Salon is a proud affiliate of PINK HAIR WARRIOR

Purpose to increase breast self- awareness, reduce the fears and increase knowledge of local breast health resources among culturally sensitive populations.

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Beth Desloges (912) 232-2535

Thea Jenkins (912) 412-7052