Hair Studios LLC

Proudly Supports Hair Extravaganza

Hair Extravaganza was founded in 2009 as a means for creating

fund raising events to help underprivileged, abused and neglected children. Our organization's MISSION is to inspire and motivate professional stylists and barbers to make a difference in their communities and industry. We believe the hair industry is a viable source for generating awareness of an interest in helping the disadvantaged and at-risk youth as the hair industry is in full demand in today's society.

In the US, about 80,000 hair care salons (75,000 beauty salons; 5,000 barber shops) generate combined annual sales of $16 billion. The industry is highly fragmented: the 50 largest companies hold just 15 percent of the market (including Regis Corporation and Ratner Companies.) The large majority of salons are independently owned. A large salon has annual revenue of about $300,000 and 10 employees. This is just an educated guess because prices vary and individual's are either branching their own establishments.

  The hair business is about more than just making a profit. Hairstylists are truly artists keeping an art form alive. We, as professionals, should take pride in our craft and strive to help those who are less fortunate. We are confident that our industry can pull together and take a stand. There are so many children here in the United States that are suffering from lack of financial resources and emotional support. The state funded program funds are limited per organization. 

 There are several programs that your business can contribute to by checking in your area. We have decided to start a local organization for ALL licensed professional stylists and barbers to unite for the youth of our area. We strive to ignite interest in exciting events annually to contribute to this cause. We believe that there is no such thing as providing too much help when it comes to our children. Our industry can make a difference by educating, networking, and holding each other's hand along the way. Failure is not an option when you work as a team towards a common goal. 

 Words of Encouragement

The future growth and collaboration in our industry will unite us through the difficult and challenging times that plague our society. You have a unique opportunity to regain the dignity and reclaim your profession.